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A Privately-Held Exploration
& Production Company


Beta Shale is a business partner landowners can rely on for lease agreements crafted in a spirit of honesty, transparency and mutual benefit.

In 2005, an independent group of geologists, geophysicists and reservoir engineers partnered with the Beta Capital Group in Dallas to fund a study on the Fayetteville (AR) Shale Play. Once the study was complete, Beta Shale, LLC was founded with a new focus on the Woodford Shale Play in Southeast Oklahoma and now works to lease imminently drillable acreage across the state.


Beta Shale’s mission is to act as a partner in good faith with landowners to fairly and generously negotiate mineral rights and terms. Beta Shale pays on time, pays more, and actively works to promote landowner leases.


Beta Shale’s lean operation keeps margins consistent in the often unpredictable world of oil & gas prices. We maintain low overhead and, rather than adding staff, we contract with leading geologists on a project basis when necessary.

Vice President Jake Long’s core job is to make sure every acre leased by Beta Shale is being acted upon while also looking for new prospects and opportunities within Oklahoma.

Beta Shale is a growing, successful company because of our reputation for trustworthiness and transparency with landowner partners. Our work is made exciting through the friendships we make as we travel throughout the state.

Though our industry is at the mercy of market pressure and commodity prices, the outlook is bright, and the future of Beta Shale is filled with possibility, opportunity and growth with leading geologists and land professionals on a project basis when necessary.

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